Tuesday, June 27, 2006

4 miles today

Whew it felt good to be running again! I was going to weight train, but then thought about a run. So I left from the gym. Someone had told me about a road which would make a complete loop from the gym right back to town, so that would be a new route for me.
Good 1 mile hill up! Then about 1 mile down, then only about 2 miles back to town-so that's a nice new little route I have. Nice and hot on the asphalt at 430pm here, good heat training.

I feel great. I have a slight strain of my left quad-I fell, slipped actually, trying to push my riding lawn mower off the garden hose that I ran over on Tuesday yes, one of those stupid tricks you hope no one was watching. But it's just a slight pain, should subsist soon.

Tomorrow is hill repeats for me-the start of training for the Mountain Masochist (and it will only help for the Buckeye Trail 50K!)


  1. you have a great schedule coming up this summer. i can't wait to see how you progress, kim :)

  2. Matt, the funny part of this run was, I was doing a large part of it as ten-minute miles! I feel more endurance may have increased my speed a bit!

  3. Sounds like you are bouncing back from Mohican with ease!
    : )

    Be careful of those stupid tricks.
    ; )

  4. Kim, I might not go for Masochist. montrail removed 50 mile cup from the competition (leaving only mix of races) and I am not sure I want to travel that far for a 50 I already did without a good goal.
    It was a great race though.


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