Sunday, June 4, 2006

5 Hour Trail Run Today!

I ran the orange loop with Tom and Jim from Pa today. About 19.6 miles, 5 hours total.
Actually we started out at the fire tower, ran the green loop to the Covered Bridge, then ran the orange loop. (Mohican speak for the loops.)
The green loop was nice, muddy and rocky, leading down to the river and the Covered Bridge.
Then the orange loop is great; it's so varied. Many ups and downs. A great section through the pine forest, nice soft needles to run on. The ground is soft and muddy in places, but not too muddy.
I got my feet wet almost immediately, and they stayed that way the whole run. I have some blisters in weird spots (I think due to the wet feet). They are on the outside of my feet, near the heels. Maybe my sock got bunched up there.
I could have used a bit more food on this loop, and I will have to think about that for the race. I had 2 CliffBlocks (left over from the last run) one gel, and a few Jelly Belly Beans (that I never did finish.) So no wonder I was hungry. We stopped about mile 18 at the campground, where I had stashed water and cookies, and I think those SoftBatch cookies got me through the rest of the run!! (There will also be two aid stations with food on this section too.)
The part of the trail by the river was kind of underwater due to all the rain we've been getting. It was also raining on us there. There was no way to keep your feet dry; so there's definitely a shoe change at this next aid station!
We also have a river crossing here, which will be mile 32 into the race. Which will be interesting; right now the river is WAY up; like flood stage level due to all our rain. I don't think, if this continues, that this would be a safe crossing. And if we do still have the river crossing, I will need a complete change of clothing, not just shoes and socks. I can't see running in wet shorts and bra. So I think I will plan on that also.
Also, I am going to take my camera on my little journey, and I would definitely be double bagging it for a river crossing!
So way good intel for the upcoming race,,and good last minute long run before taper officially beginning now!!


  1. How great that you can practice on the actual course. You look like you were having lots of fun!

  2. very awesomely cool that you get to run the course before the race!!!

    Definitely sounds like you need to eat more :) And yikes, that river crossing sounds dangerous! Running in a wet bra and wet shorts is a great way to cool off (how I did Pemberton), but leaves you with major chafing.

    Yay for taper!


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