Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tapering Sucks

To start off with though, there is a fox in this picture!(That's if the picture somehow shows up on blogger...) The little red fox was out again...and then, up toward the top of the hill, through the binoculars, we saw another one! So we think these are pups. Our neighbor has done some logging in his woods, so perhaps the foxes have been displaced a bit. Still neat to see in your front yard. We own 40 acres, some on either side of the road. Which is nice, because we can't see any houses from ours. Everything we look at, we own. Quite a nice thought, that no one can put a house, or a trailer, on anything I have to look at.

Okay, back to the taper sucks thread...

I'm far more antsy this time than last December, before my Las Vegas marathon and then the Huff 50K. Maybe because I was so busy with work, and a convention in Vegas that followed the marathon, I don't know. I guess some of it was I was extremely well prepared (and over-trained) for the Vegas thon. I mean, I had run 26.5 miles in prep for the Huff Vegas was merely a training run for the Huff.

I'm looking forward to seeing some people I have run with before on training runs at they can say "..thought you weren't ready for this!" I am looking forward to meeting some of the folks who also think Mohican is a beautiful place to run. That's part of my whole attraction with Mo, it's just so darn pretty to run on. You want a surface to run on? Soft pine needles? soft dirt? Rocks? Roots? Mud? Water? Tall Grass? Mo has that all.

While I enjoy running solo, I do like the company on the Mo trail. Even if I know they are far ahead, I know someone is out there. We're going to share the same experiences. The race winner is going to share the same thoughts that I did when we run through the beautiful ferns right before we get to Campground A. I hope the race winner looks at those gorgeous lacy plants and appreciates them as much as I do. I hope the winner looks at the symmetrey of the pine forest that was planted and marvel at the straight lines of the trees and stops to take a picture like I did...

Wait, this was supposed to be a bitching thread, I haven't gotten to that yet!!
Okay, every time I check the weather on, the temp goes up a degree or two in Loudonville. Maybe I should stop checking it.
I'm going to try to sleep in a 1/2 hour or so the next two mornings. If I can. I normally wake up around 430 am, then watch the clock click over to 515 am, my normal wake up time. So if I can sleep to 545, that would be great. I need to catch a few extra zzz'sss....
I guess I don't really have anything to bitch up. I want to go run!! I am planning on a 2 or 4 mile run tomorrow but then I think to myself, why bother? It might help with some excessive energy, but that's about it.

I just really want race day to get here!


  1. A short run might help take the edge off. You're so close now I can feel your excitement! I'll be rooting for you!!!

  2. Yep, I am for a short run:) And extra zzz's!

  3. give us folks that don't know much about Mo a little preview of the race...i would love to get your take on it and what your strategy is for getting through different sections. i want the race to get here, too :)

  4. is insomnia typical during tapering? good luck saturday


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