Thursday, July 6, 2006

Great Run Today

Beautiful weather, in the 70's, low or no humidity, sunshine, but lots of cloud cover while I ran. I left from my gym. This route goes up a hill .8 miles long, then downhill for about 1/2 mile, then kind of rolling. This route will take me out of town and then right back to the gym in 4.3 miles. So I ran 4 miles, back to the edge of town, then doubled back on my route.
I haven't stretched well after yesterday's hill workout, on the immediate uphill, I had knots in my lower legs, kind of on the edge of the shins-a weird spot. It only really eased up after about 4 miles or so. I had a pretty slow pace for quite awhile, it seemed like my shoes with only a 150 miles or so needed replaced!
I felt pretty good on the double back, it's always interesting to look around, you see things differently when you reverse the course. I kept scaring up a small flock of yellow finches that were nestled in the thistle-so pretty.
By the time I reclimbed the hill in the last mile, my legs felt really good. I really kicked it on the downhill, watching my leg turnover and not braking at all as I came down the hill.
I spent 10 minutes stretching well at the gym also. It just turned into a great workout. One of the good ones!!

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