Thursday, July 20, 2006

Inaugural Run

On my treadmill today. We had to drop off my vehicle for service and run some errands, so I thought it was time to give the new machine a try. Of course, we then had to move a TV, satellite receiver, and DVD player into the room. And then we had to run the satellite cable to that room...more time in setting up than actual running. I only ran two miles, but I think the tread is going to work out well. It didn't seem to be too noisy, or cause noise upstairs.
Now I have no excuses!


  1. Glad you have it up an running! ; )

    Yep, no excuses.
    : )

  2. so funny on the preparation taking longer than the run... :-) do you have the ultrarunning movies? it could be nice to run and watch at the same time. they are very inspirational.

  3. They are usually pretty darn big! Glad it worked out though:)

  4. Now if you just put up a forest wallpaper mural and play a nature cd, you may feel right at home =) Five mile hill repeats, nice job, I may try and do some hill repeats tomorrow morning! Enjoy your treadmill!!

  5. i am so excited for your treadmill setup...sounds like a perfect escape from the heat :)


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