Sunday, July 2, 2006

Trail Run

I went down to Salt Fork State Park yesterday and ran about 12 miles, 3 hours on the bridle trails down there. I got a good workout in the heat, as it was 2pm in the afternoon. Most of the trail was dry and dusty; I of course didn’t think to wear my gaiters-duh. I was surprised to encounter large stretches of mud, which slowed me completely down as I had to pick my way through it. I did not lose any shoes to the shoe-sucking mud monster.
I encountered 20 deer; 3 were wee baby deer-fawns, still with their beautiful little white spots; one was a fine 8-point buck, with great brown velvet covering his antlers, he was gorgeous.
The heat really wasn’t bad in the woods, a breeze was blowing. I had two bottles with me, and had stashed a refill where the trail meandered by the road. I did take my Suceed capsules every hour too. A lot of the the trail was right by the lake, which was the noisest part of the run-it sounded like a highway with all that boat noise going on!
I got another blister, in this same weird spot, on the outside of my right foot. I guess I need to tape this area. I was examining my shoes this morning, and found there is a big spot worn through! Looking closer, I can more deterioration in the shoes-wow I didn’t think I had that much mileage into them. Maybe it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

I got home about six, which really seems weird, I usually run much earlier in the day, and Dennis and our friend Nigel, who is visiting from Norway, were just finishing up dinner and had opened the first bottle of wine for the night. So we had a fine evening, sitting outside, drinking wine and chatting. Nigel was dumbfounded to see “lightning bugs” as call them, or fireflies-they don’t have these in Norway.


  1. What a nice run. The wine sounded like a great idea so I opened a bottle last night too!
    : )


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