Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Yes, it's Still Raining

I have been reading “The Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training” and I would have to recommend this. Although not a triathlete, training is training. For folks like me newer to the sport of ultrarunning, I’m always looking for help and advice with my training.
There are chapters devoted to:
Part Two goes into Goal Stetting and mental training plans. I have gotten a lot out of this.
Some random things I wrote down while reading this last night:
I had a coach tell me this as I was starting marathon training, but somehow I think I forgot it along the way:
What is the purpose of this workout? What is the goal I am working toward?
I think I do this quite a bit; I do the workout without thinking about the purpose…maybe junk miles or even junk workout. Yes, it’s still a workout, but I don’t think I focus mentally enough on it. I might do a great workout on my legs at the gym, but I think I also need to think about it, telling myself “this workout is to strengthen your quads so you have better endurance at the Buckeye 50K Race”.

This came from a chapter:
8 Laws of Prime Preparation
1. Take responsibility for everything that can influence your performance.
2. It’s about “the grind”.
3. Train smart
4. The purpose of training is to develop effective competitive skills and habits.
5. Consistent training leads to consistent race performance.
6. Patience and perseverance.
7. Failure is necessary.
8. Prime preparation is readying you to perform your best under the most demanding conditions in the most important race of your life.

Take today for example. I was all focused for a long trail run today. With all the rain, I thought maybe I could run around here. Then I finally thought, well, you could do your hill repeats today instead of Wednesday, why not switch the schedule around a bit. Sometimes I don’t think enough about the overall training plan, I just focus on the day.

I’ve been doing some reading on downhill training: This is an area I want to improve upon. My quads were getting trashed at Mohican-I was finding myself starting to walk down the last couple of hils sidewise.
Maybe this rain will let up and I can do practice!

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  1. That's good advice to focus on the purpose of each workout. I don't do that enough.

    On the other hand, sometimes its just fun to get out on the trails and run! : )


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