Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chick Run at Mohican

We had a blast. We ran the "orange loop" part of the Mohican 100 race course. It was just the three women, Cheryl, Nancy and myself. Nancy had just ran her first 50K at the Buckeye Trail, where I met her. Cheryl had volunteered at one of the aid stations for the Mo Race and was training for her first 50K, the Youngstown 50K Race.

The weather was great, in the 80's but not bad in the woods. I'm back to triple appreciating the great trails at Mohican, after running in WV and in Salt Fork State Park, it was so nice to be on the smooth dirt path of Mohican! It seemed like I spent much more time not watching the trail and gazing around the beautiful woodland.
Nancy was much happier about the trail too than her first ultra experience. I think she now understands she picked a very tough race for her first 50K, and not all trails are like that one!

The girls did great on the run too. I yelled at them just once, they were running up a small hill at the start of the run-I had already started walking that one. We had a great time talking and laughing, it was a nice change of dynamics with other women. I ran first about the first half, and then let Nancy go ahead, because I wanted her to get her own pace, what she was comfortable running at. It turns out the three of us were pretty well paced, and stayed pretty close together the whole run.

The last part of the run is down by the river, where there was a bad flash flood in July. There were many trees down, we had to climb over about 10 or so. At least 10 or 15 trees had already been cut and cleared from the trail. I will be monitoring the
Mohican Trails Club to see when they have another work day on the trails scheduled. It's hard work, but I use the trails and like to give back.

Just another great run in paradise!


  1. Sounds great! Sometimes I like my solitary runs, but running with friends is truly the best!


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