Tuesday, August 15, 2006

North Fork

I had a great time down in WV. I really needed the getaway, no cell phone coverage. Beautiful country, and really friendly people. I arrived on Friday afternoon, hung out with everyone, a bit surprised at the amount of beer being drank.
We got up to the mountain about 8am, and the run was on.
While I had a great time in WV, I really did not have a good run. This was a 12 or 24 mile fun run. The only aid station was 11 miles into the trail. I fully planned on running the entire 24 miles.

I found myself outpaced almost right away-not a problem. But I also found myself having a bit trouble breathing, a 1/2 mile into the run. Can that be blamed on the elevation? I have now been told that yes, if I have not been in any sort of elevation, it can play a factor. This was at 3520 feet. I live at 980 feet.
It just was not my day. I tripped and fell at mile 1, cutting my knee. By the time I walked it off, I was comepletely alone. Now I was a bit worried about getting lost.
I also had some "baggage" issues which I may or may post about later. I left some things out on the trail, which I think was a good thing.
It took me three hours to go 11 miles. I knew the remaining 13 miles would take closer to four or so. I didn't want to make people wait for me. I didn't want to be last-but actually it was more about making the other slow people sit there for an hour for me.
I thought if the aid station was still there, I would drop. If not, if the vehicle was gone, I would go on--because there was no alternative, and someone would just have to wait around for me.
The sag wagon was still there, and I dropped. Embarrassed a bit, felt like it just wasn't my day. I almost felt like leaving and going back home that day, and then decided that was a big baby move.
I got back to the campground and got a shower, and when asked, told everyone the truth, I dropped after 11 miles, it just wasn't my day. And, as really expected, everyone nodded and said those days would happen.
We had a big cookout, huge amount of food brought by everyone, and I had fun sitting around the rest of the evening enjoying the beautiful weather.
I think I will go back next year and conquer the course!!


  1. you are amazing, kim...even when you have a bad day out there, you still manage to stay involved in the event and put a really positive spin on your future endeavors at that race. it looks like a tough one...only one aid station at 11! you are tough, you are a great runner, and you will be back to conquer that course next year...i am sure of it :)

  2. Hey Kim,

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad day out there. I usually want to leave right after the run when I have had a bad day because I just don't want to go through answering all the what happened questions. Like you said though, usually the people are understanding and it is nice to stick around and enjoy the atmosphere. Good luck with the training.

  3. Even on a bad day, you're always smiling, Kim! Sorry your run wasn't the best, but it sounds like you made some new friends. : )

  4. the pictures are great. you are smiling even during a "bad day"! glad you decided to stick around afterward, I'm sure that helped.


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