Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Right in my Backyard

So I was on the quest for some new running routes. I finally thought of Woodbury.
Woodbury is the largest wildlife area in the state of Ohio. Beginning with an initial purchase of 779 acres in 1934,
Woodbury remained a wildlife area of less than 2,000 acres for 55
years. The original tract was the site of a small mining town and
a coal mine that was integral to the making of soap for the
Woodbury Soap Company. The area was managed as a game
refuge until 1948 when it was opened to public hunting.
During 1987, an agreement for wildlife management and public
hunting and fishing was reached with Peabody Coal Company
and the Hurst Trust, owners of land adjacent to Woodbury.
Further negotiations led to the Division of Wildlife’s purchase of
this land totaling 14,615 acres in 1991 and 1992.
Prior to state ownership approximately 50 percent of the
Peabody-Hurst Trust lands were affected by strip-mining.
Mining began in 1963 and concluded with final reclamation
efforts completed in 1987. The older mined areas contain
highwalls and spoil banks which were originally planted and now
contain pole-sized trees. More recently mined areas (after 1972)
are open grasslands. Since acquisition, emphasis has been placed
on the development of small wetlands and the planting of trees.

So I have this huge area of deserted township roads to run on, old jeep trails through the area to run through!!

It was a perfect running day. I had a makeshift horrible map off the internet, but I had pencilled in all the township and county roads. I just kept making right hard turns, and ended up right back at my vehicle for 10K. Just a bit short of the 8 miles I wanted, but I now have more running options!

The only drawback is, this is also the biggest hunting area in Ohio, and bow hunting will start soon. From a safety standpoint, I won't run there once all the hunting seasons commence.


  1. Good idea, even a bright orange safety vest is no guarantee. Nice find though.


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