Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stomp the Grapes 1/2 Marathon Report

What a beautiful day for a race. This was an inaugural 1/2 marathon at theWinery at Perennial Vineyards in Navarre Ohio. It was in the 30's or 40's at the start of the race, but it warmed up rather quickly after a few miles.
My friend Nancy had emailed me Thursday, asking if I wanted to run with her on Saturday. I told her I was running a 1/2 marathon, and she quickly signed up too! In fact, she picked me up and we drove to the event together, catching up on running and personal life with each other. Nancy expected me to out run her, but I was content to run at her pace-this was my last race before Masochist; I was wearing the clothes I am planning on wearing to MMTR, with my same water bottle waist pack, and I just wanted to try everything out. Besides, running and chatting with Nancy is fun.
The race was out in the country, nice rolling hills, then we turned onto the towpath for about 4 miles-that was the best part of the run, off the roads! Nancy and I chatted up through mile 10-I turned around to admire a tree or a flower or something and damn! she took off on me!! She had already told me she was planning on picking people off at mile 10, and she did it! I set off in pursuit, but my hamstring, which had been annoying me since mile 3 or so, really starting to twinge. I didn't feel I could get much leg extension. (I've had this chronic hamstring issue for years.) So I hobbled in behind Nancy in a 2.17 or something like that.
When we went inside for food, they were out of Subway sandwiches!! Gasp! In fact, the only thing left was bananas, some doughnuts, popcorn, and chips. So Nancy and I left to get some real grub-which ended up being Subway sandwiches we paid for! Still, that will happen for an inaugural event.
So the local race scene is over for the year, and now it's time to concentrate on Masochist!!


  1. No wine at the finish? ; ) Looks like a pretty run. Now you can take it easy until Masochist. Good luck!

  2. that must have been a pretty half. on the subways: i once ran a 5k that featured many local restaurants' catering at the finish. with my time, when i got there most of the good food was gone... :-)

  3. Yeah, I need to be faster for the food!!
    There was wine at the finish, but I didn't want to drink on an empty stomach and we were starving!

  4. Yeah, you need to do more speed training so you can get the good food ;-)

    Sounds like a nice race anyway, the weather sounded idea - I love it when its not hot outside (or freezing).


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