Sunday, October 8, 2006

Towpath 1/2 Marathon Report

What a nice day. I ran a 2.19 or something, I really wasn't paying much attention to the clock. I just a great morning of running.
That time itself is funny because I ran a 20K or a 1/2 marathon earlier in the spring in the same time, and I did this one on tired legs.

I was beat when I woke up this morning but discovered on the drive north that I had stashed jelly beans in the car console so I started snacking on them. I found Roy almost right away who had my race number and chip, and then walked until about race time, trying to get my quads to unkink a bit--it was more the 1.5 hour drive than the run that had them stiff.

The marathon and 1/2 marathon started together, and I ran with Roy at the back of the pack for awhile. We spotted Art, who is a very accomplished runner. Art has run the Mohican 100 10 times; he's run 279 ultras and 500+ marathons. So it was fun listening to Art and Roy talk while we ran. Roy split off with the marathoners about mile 5 and I continued on with Art the rest of the race. It sure was fun and educational to hear about races that Art has done, We ran and joked and talked until I made a 30 second port o potty stop at mile 12; Art said he would slow down but I had trouble reeling him in. I almost caught up to him just before mile 13, but I swear he turned on his kick and beat me in.

I hung out for awhile, talking to friends and waiting for the full marathoners come in. I swear, if I didn't see the local ultrarunners last weekend at Akron, the rest of them were here at the Towpath.Bob Combs found me around the finish line probaly due to my pink DirtyGirl Gaiters I was wearing-the Akron Towpath Marathon is on the towpath (natch) so there is alot of fine pebble and grit. I wanted to see if the gaiters would keep this out and it did!! Plus it's a cute color. Bob and the other Team PR folks were timing the 5K race and were also just hanging out at the finish line. This seemed to be the area that the other local ultrarunners found as we cheered in some local ultra runners finishing in the top 10 of the marathon. I finally split off to get home at a decent hour.

Second ice bath in two days, legs feel pretty good.

This has been a great 1.5 months of racing. I feel sad that it's pretty much over, I've seen ultra friends almost every weekend for the last 8 weekends, some of them have been at every race I've been at.

Now to read the schedule to see what I am supposed to do tomorrow!!


  1. You are really on a roll with your training, Kim!

  2. It is sad that the season for racing is coming to an end!

    Great job at Towpath!


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