Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I did it! I registered for the Mohican Trail Run 100 today. It's June 16 2007-yes, I am just a bit impatient. The pic is from Mohican 2006, at Little Lyons Fall, if you look closely there is just a bit of water trickling down-it felt good to stand in it that day! I had some day trippers take my picture for me.

Speaking of Mohican, if any of the local runners read this blog, I am running Mohican Friday November 24 8 am. I am running the Red Loop to the Green Loop, back to the Covered Bridge.

A quick stop at my vehicle for lunch, (which will probaly get eaten walking up the first hill) then run the
Orange Loop. I may or may not run down Route 3 for the Grist Mill Loop, then run back to the Covered Bridge. This should be between 30 and 40 miles. I am really looking forward to being out on my trails again!

I did work out today, weights at the gym again. I'm getting into a routine there, which I am enjoying. I will also be happy to see some definition in my upper arms again. Speaking of my upper arm, it only hurts a bit-and that probaly had more to do with zero-ing my slug gun in for deer gun season yesterday. Slugs in a shotgun barrel does kick!


  1. Wow that's awesome. I still haven't got a 100 in my head yet (okay maybe a 100K). I can't wait to follow your training! Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow).

  2. That's great! I'm sure your familiarity with the course will be to your advantage. : )


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