Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mohican Run Saturday

I met up with Dave on Friday and we ran 23 miles on the Mohican 100 Trail Race course. This section is mainly a bridle path, and it was a bit difficult to run, full of sections of mud which became more tiring as the day went on. It was a beautiful day for a trail run though.
It should have been a 21 mile run but we got to an ambigous trail marking. I pointed it out to Dave, remarking this was where I had almost screwed up last time I had run it. And then I promptly screwed up and took us down the wrong trail!! We both knew it was wrong when it brought us to the same stream crossing again. URRGH!! I was embarassed. That was a nice extra 2.8 miles for us.
I was going to run more, on another section of the trail, but this loop had taken us longer than I had expected, so I stopped after this section. When I came out of the woods, which is right by the covered bridge, a big tourist attraction, a mountain biker rode past me, looked at my dirty clothes, sweaty hair and blood running down my shin and gave me a grin of recognition-yeah he could tell I had a good time out on the trail. I usually get some good stares from the tourists out for their stroll around the bridge. They even stared more as I did my makeshift ice bath by sitting in the river. It was pretty darn cold this time of year. And the piece of apple pie I had brought along from Thanksgiving dinner tasted pretty good post run!!


  1. Sitting in the river? You are crazy! But it sounds like fun! ; ) : )

  2. Sound like a beautiful run and I bet that water and apple pie were just what you needed afterward!


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