Saturday, December 2, 2006

8 Mile Treadmill Run

I'm glad to have gotten this workout in. I have been a bit anxious about running, and future races for the last couple of days-I'm not sure why, I'm sure some of it is my lack of running at the moment, the change of weather and loss of daylight time, my inability to lose weight, and trepidation about doing some long runs in the winter here in the cold weather. I was going to go to the gym and do a weight workout, but when I found myself sitting down in front of the TV, I thought, you might as well go run on the treadmill if you are going to watch TV. So I thought I would run for two hours, since I was watching trash TV for two episodes (What Not to Wear-hey it could be worse.)
It took me about 4 miles to kind of settle into a groove, then I thought I would just run for 8 miles OR two hours whatever came first.
So I felt a bit better about running, getting an actual wokout in. I wanted to run outside, but I couldn't force myself outside into the 36 degree weather and wind. It's just the first time of the year for the cold. In a few weeks I'll just don my clothes and go out and run in the same temps, it's just hard getting used to the first couple of days. I did find my running tights and was surprised to find I own three pair!! Now to gather up the long sleeved shirts, gloves, and hats and get the winter clothes organized. Winter is here.
Oh, and twenty-three days til Christmas!

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  1. Good job getting that workout in! I feel the same way about running in the first heavy rain. But once I've done it the first time I'm good to go. : )


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