Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mohican Run

I decided late on Friday to head over to Mohican since the weather was going to be nice. Since I started my run at 8 am, it was still in the 20's at this time! By the end of my run, it had warmed up quite a bit. Well, I was fine, as usual, once I ran a 1/2 mile and warmed up.
I ran the portion of the course which is a big tourist attraction in the area, Lyons Fall. It's an easy mile hike to the first waterfall, then a bit of a climb to the second. This is a 4 mile loop during the Mohican 100; I played tourist today and only ran 1/2 of it and took some pictures.
I returned to my vehicle, refilled the water bottle, and started out on the "orange loop" of the course. This starts out by going up a huge steep hill. Yep, hill just as steep as I remember it.
The mountain bikers have been extending their trails in the area. I followed a new trail that they have cleared on one portion of the trail. Then the Mo course totally is on the mountain bike trail for about 8 or 9 miles. I was wearing a blaze orange vest, due to it still being gun season for deer here in Ohio, and I was keeping an eye out for the bikers, since I had passed a bunch of them at their trailhead.
It was a great run, as usual. I had long conversations with myself, wrote total blog entries, made 'to do' list, and marvelled at the contours of the countryside. The orange loop seemed a little strange to me, even as much as I have run it; the different season made it seem like a different trail. It was fun to actually see ridgelines and roads that normally are masked by the lush greenness.
I didn't encounter any bikers until about three miles from the trailhead, then there were 10 or 12 out. I kept wondering if there were any female mountain bikers out there, and the last biker I saw was female! We were all courteous to each other, I stepped off the trail for them, reasoning it was easier for me to stop then them.
After the mountain bike trail, it's another 2.5 miles back to the covered bridge. I had aid stashed here at the biker trailhead. I drank my first Redbull- it was NASTY!!!!! I only drank half of it. I did not like the sweetness or the flavor. But hey, this is what training runs are for, to try new things out and see how they work. I'm glad I only bought one! I'll be trying a different energy drink on another long run.

I encountered this female and three others about a ½ mile into the section. I started snapping pictures. The deer weren’t moving, and I just moved closer and closer. I kept advancing closer to them. Finally, I went on with my run-the deer still weren’t moving!
About 100 feet down trail I encountered another three leaping spectacularly across downed logs-the mountain bikers were on a trail above me on the ridge and scared the deer.
This section of the run takes you right down to the water’s edge of the Clear Fork River. This was an area hard hit by the storms of July. When we had run this in August, we had to climb over 12 or so trees.The wonderful park works and the volunteer Mohican Trail Club had been hard at work down here. There was only a few trees that I had to climb over, and I could see chainsaw marks in these.

I felt pretty energetic on this last two miles, and wondered how well the cookies I ate at my aid stash were working. Then I remembered the RedBull!! Well, I have to say it does work.
The tourists were out in full force at the Covered Bridge, many of them heading off for a hike to Lyons Fall. I got many strange looks as I started to disrobe at my vehicle. Hey, I actually did sit inside it when I changed my tights and shirt.
I thought about an ice bath in the river, but the water was high and moving, and I thought I would skip that again.
So, another great Mo Run. I realized I won’t be back in the area probably till February with my weekends being booked. I will miss the trails there!

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