Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Can Do Attitude

I get the reminder from this morning (actually they reminded me 4 times enough already guys):
Dear KIM:

Your event is coming up and we want to be sure you're event day ready. Please take a moment to review your race registration information below:

Print and bring along to your event
Confirmation #: 4893975-111006161706
Name: Kim Love-Ottobre
Event Name: Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run
Date: 03/31/07
Location: Wm B Umstead State Park
Event Web Site:

Safety ID Tag, Like Road ID
Post Event Snack
Plenty of Can-Do Attitude

Heh. Don't forget that extra helping of Can-Do Attitude!
Post event snack. Check. I may be a little hungry afterwards.


  1. I was just checking out the race website, all I can say is wish I could be there too! Have fun, we'll be cheering you on!

  2. kimba,

    wanted to get in the good wishes before you head out... have fun! it's just a training run for mohican, right?


  3. If anyone at that starting line, and throughout the race, has enough "can do attitude" it will be you. You are one of the strongest mental forces I know, and I look forward to hearing about your success. If I can't luck out and be there on my last work day so that I could run with you, then at least run a mile imagining I am there! I will be for Mohican!


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