Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mohican Run Today

I ran the orange loop at Mohican today-I even included the dreaded Grist Mill section. It was a winter run for sure! I thought there would be far more ice and snow melted. I could have used my screwed shoes or newly purchased Yaktrax, but did I have them with me? No! I wasn't expecting the ice. Pretty much every switchback on the side of a hill was ice covered. Footing was treacherous in many spots. I had to look for snow or leaves to tromp down in.
Two good falls. One was on a nice section of plain dirt track. I tripped on a twig. I fell down to my knees, and managed to bang my shin on the only rock on the trail for twenty feet. That'll leave a bruise. The next trip was even better, I slipped on ice, then tripped on a tree root, somehow fell on my quads and hands, and ended up with my nose about one inch from a very large rock. I could've ended up with a nose bruise on that one!
The picture above is the trail down by the river. With large amounts of rainfall, the trail becomes a stream. I knew this was going to happen but didn't worry about it and splashed in. However, about one mile further, the river is high enough where the trail is now in the river. My options were to climb the nearly vertical slope, or just follow the trail, now in the river for the five feet or so. I chose to jump in the river (okay, I didn't jump in the river, I carefully followed the trail, holding onto sturdy branches in case I slipped on the mud.) I made it through much quicker than trying to climb the hill.
I only ran the orange, since time was getting away from me and I had things to take care of at home. It's funny how a trail run helps me. By the time I was into the run for about 2 miles, when I enter the pine woods, I realized I was relaxed. A couple of hours later, when I splashed through water and laughed, I realized I was happy, the happiest I had been in days.

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