Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Flying Pig Marathon

I'm in. I just signed up this morning. I was waffling whether I should spend the time over on Mohican, or the weekend away in Cincinnati, and I decided to go for it. I would like to improve my marathon PR a bit. I've been wanting to run the Pig since I began running, and it always seemed like I wasn't 'trained enough' for it. Well, I am pretty much trained up for it, and it will be a good training run for me. It sounds like Mike and I can drive down together, and hopefully I can crash at Josh's place too.


  1. The Flying Pig looks like a neat race. I am going to a Team in Training meeting on Wednesday. I am probably going to join them to train for my first marathon in the fall.

  2. Are you sure you can handle that marathon distance? ; ) : ) I don't think I've seen you contemplate a race and not sign up yet. Right on!

  3. Sweet! Hopefully I will see you down there!

  4. Kim,

    I am NOT wearing pink! Puke Green maybe, but no pink!


  5. I love this race. Ran in '05 and '06 but not unfortunately not this year (not yet :) )

    If I ever wrote up a customer survey to all the RDs on how to improve a marathon, The Flying Pig folks have already thought of it. Its well done. Have fun.

    Enjoy getting jiggy with the piggy!

    (And get to the line early. The race is becoming huge.)


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