Thursday, April 19, 2007

The running gods smiled

And must have taken pity on me. It was 515pm, I had just gotten back with my dinner, and the computer folks tell me..well, it's going to take a little longer than expected. A little hiccup. It might be 7 or 8 before they release the product.
Cool!! I'm going running. Always have the running clothes with you, people, you never know when a run will happen! I went to my little trail next to the park. It had greened up in my absence. It was a good run. I felt muscles work, I felt tension lessen, I smelled sweat. Ahhhhh! It was nice to have that unexpected run happen.

Of course, I am now back at work. It's going on toward 9pm and I am still waiting for my computer install to I can validate and then enter all the drug orders received all day long.

I bet I am working short hours tomorrow!!!

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  1. So awesome that you were able to sneak a run in during the work day (or evening, as it were). Sounds like it was a great run and just what you needed!


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