Sunday, April 15, 2007

Trail Run Mohican

It was a good trail running day at Mohican. I awoke at 1130pm to the sounds of heavy rain, I yawned and turned over. I was going to run at Mohican regardless.
Since it was a few miles north, that area had snow instead of rain. It was 31 degrees at start, 36 at the finish. 4 other runners came out, Mike, Ken, Rita, Regis Jr and myself. The orange loop is staged quite a bit on the mountain bike trail, and it's in very good condition. Trail was wet and muddy, but nothing like shoe-sucking mud. The 'fasties' headed out in front of me, and I had to yell at them a few times for wrong turns-I was the tour guide of the group.
The mountain bike group has done some work on the trail, cut a few new sections in order to let old sections rest; I have been very impressed with their work out on the trails. There were also some other new trails being cut too.
We stopped for water and some PB wafer cracker cookies that I had enterprisng, hungry chipmunk or squirrel had chewed through the middle of the box and started in on them before we had our share! We ate the ones the critters had not touched and left the rest of the them. There must have been some sugared out squirrels at Mo this afternoon!
The North Rim Trail Section is only 1 mile long but it has three big climbs in it. We then hit the Hemlock Gorge Trail, 2 miles long, which leads to the campground where the CB is. Ken points out a higher trail around some of the low spots at the river level..doh. I never even saw that. Last time I ran the loop, I went right into the river, since the river was up!!! Not needed now!
Ken was doing great until he rolled his ankle with about one mile to go. We got back to the CB and wonder where Regis and Mike were-especially me, since Reg had my car key!
Ken Reg and I go back out on the "blue loop". The Blue is a lovely 4 mile portion, which showcases two waterfalls. I have been trouble finding the trail for Little Lyons Fall since the bad storms and blown down trees of last summer. Between both Reg and I, we found Little Lyons Fall and remembered how that section of loop went. Ken enjoyed the hand over hand root climb to the top of the waterfall. That's always such fun! We didn't run the whole blue section, just cut over the second waterfall, Big Lyons Fall. Big Lyons Fall has a much better trail to it, so it gets lots of tourist traffic in good weather. Not so today, the trails were all to ourselves. Nice that way!


  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous! Were those taken yesterday? It looks like summer! Sounds fun! I appreciate your comments on my blog. I'm going to work on one this evening about the Boston Marathon and I will get in to some of the reasons I have peaked from a "speed" standpoint. Absolutely, I feel I can get stronger and run longer distances. This is why I keep going to the torture chamber for my weekly beatings. I think it's pretty amazing that you've only been running a few years. I'd love to hear how got you started.

  2. Wow...such beautiful pictures!! Sounds like you guys had a great run out there this weekend :)

  3. Those were from the blue loop from last summer

  4. Thanks for the trail update and I'm glad the weather held out.

    I'm now starting to visualize June 16th!!!


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