Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mohican Run

What a great day for running. I am so glad Tom wanted to run Mo this weekend, and coincidentally, Josh and Brian were driving up from Cinti to get acclimated on part of the trails before the race. So I hastily bagged my Ogden 20K race and Regis and I went over to Mohican to run again.
There were six of us for the Saturday, 25 mile run: myself, Regis, Tom, Josh, Brian, and Ted, a Mohican veteran that I had not run with before.
We started with the picturesque warmup loop, the awesome Blue Loop. This starts with a nice sedate, yet rocky trail down to the Falls. But us ultra runners run past the normal turnoff, and run to "Little Lyons Falls". This section is actually in the creek bed of the stream, very low right now, but lots and lots of bounding over rocks, climbing over logs. You arrive at Little Lyons Falls with the hand over hand climb to the top of the waterfall, on roots of an old tree. This kind of kills any sort of 10 minute mile pace, the vertical climb. Once to the top, it's an easy run (although I tripped and fell on a root) to the dam. At the dam, it's a short downhill, then about a mile climb on the road, then you turn onto a jeep trail, run it downhill back to the trail, to Big Lyons Fall, and then climb down to the bottom of the waterfall.
A man was panning for gold here. Regis, who took off from the rest of us, was of course chatting the man up and getting all his gold pointers. Who knew there was gold to discover out here in Ohio? (I have already discovered the gold, it's the friendship and camaraderie on the trail runs and the beauty of nature. I guess I am a millionaire then...)

Ok, off the hippiness, back to the race report...we finished the blue in about 57 minutes, very good; I ran this during the race in 45 minutes,so you know we were playing tourist taking pics out there. If I can run the blue in 45, most other runners can run this faster. I'm just saying.
After a short stop at the aid station (our vehicles) we girdled and garbed up for the 21 miler. Both Ted and I had put water out at various stops, and that was excellent. It was a hot day and having the additional water was real beneficial to the run: Thanks Ted!!!
The trails are in very good shape. There has not been much rain in the area in ten days. Most of the bad horse mucky areas are solidified mud. There is still about two bad spots before Rock Point, but that is all. It is very dry out there. Unless we get alot of rain, and alot of horse traffic, I would vention a guess that the red-green section could be in very nice shape for the race.
The three water crossings on the red, and the one water crossing on the green, the water is down. However, with the deeper channels cut after last years storm, there is not an easy (read stones above water) way to cross this and keep your feet dry. The rocks are simply not there.

Back to my monologue: This was a very nice run for me. Tom was running to keep his HR at a certain number, I was doing my usual nature-girl running and admiring nature, and I think Josh was running with me to see how the slow folks ran. I did lose a little steam around Rockpoint; I realized I was carrying two water bottles and only drinking one of them. I began drinking more, and remembering to take my Succeed Capsules,and then felt alot better.
Josh, Tom, and I arrive at the Fire Tower. Although the sky was darkening, and thunder rumbling, Josh had to ascend to the top of the Fire Tower; after all, Mike had done that, so he couldn't be left Tom and I took this opportunity to rest and drink and wait for Josh to be struck by lightning. When the lightning didn't occur, Josh bounded back down and we started the final 2.5 miles from the Fire Tower to the Covered Bridge. I gave Josh the secret information that although it was a net downhill to the Covered Bridge, there was still two little hills between the FT and the CB.
The storm never materializes, although the temperature does drop down. We finish up with Reg, Ted, and Brian meeting us right before the end. Regis has a fun story to tell.
Regis about got ticketed with a UIP. For those of you not from Ohio (my husband knew exactly what I was talking about when I said UIP) that is Urinating in Public.
Reg, Ted and Brian reached the Bridle Staging Area. While the other two guys hydrated, Regis decided to get rid of his excess water. And, while he was doing so, the park ranger pulled into the drive, in front of him. Regis knew he was going to get a talking to when he saw the ranger reach for his radio.
Well, it's lucky Regis is both charming and a talker. I believe he made have won his ticket with attrituion-after all, the ranger had five counties to cover. And if the worse problem he encountered that day was an ultraunner peeing on the trail, well, good for him.
The best part of this story is, there was a bathroom about 15 feet away from Regis. That the ranger pointed out to him. I'm still laughing about this one. I made sure Di knew this as soon as we returned home too.
20 days left. Will the trails stay dry. Will the creeks stay low. Will the deer flies go elsewhere. Will the lightning bugs (fireflies) be out at night? Who knows!!20 days is still a long time to do. Good luck with the start of a taper everyone, and see you at Friday dinner!


  1. Sounds like a blast. Hope the trails stay in good shape for you!

  2. As we discussed Kim, I'm already in trouble for wanting to run BR100. Do you have to make Mohican sound so beautiful and make me want to do that one too?? Best of luck to you in your upcoming race!
    You certainly know the course well.

  3. what an awesome run. now... UIP? where else are ultrarunners supposed to go? (forget that outhouse 15 feet away, that is not the norm!)
    i'm sure you'll rock on the 17th!

  4. Wow, that sounds like so much fun! You said there was lots of stopping and taking pictures...any chance you could post some? The trails sound super picturesque.

    How exciting that tapering is about to begin! You guys all seem more than ready :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful place to run, you'll be burning up the course during the race. A ticket for UIP? I could picture this in a town or city, but out on the trail - is that just in Ohio or is that the new trend in the states?


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