Monday, May 7, 2007

Pig Hills Vs Road Runner Hill

Actually this post originated because of a post by Sensationally Red left, asking about the comparision between the Pig Hills and the Road Runner Hills. (Red, I couldn't find your email, but then thought this would be a decent post also.)

Okay. To me, there is only one real hill in the
Akron Road Runner Marathon. It is about a 2 mile uphill. I have run the marathon there, and as a relay runner last year, I had the 5K section on the uphill through Sand Run Parkway.
I guess, as a hill goes, it would be challenging. I started the 5K portion on the flat; it actually descends, and then you ascend again. It seemed to be a sharper 2 mile climb than the climb at the Pig. The Pig does climb for about two miles, but it is a much gentler slope. Or at least it seemed to me.
I think, if you have run the Road Runner, you would have no problem running the Flying Pig.

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  1. The section you are referring to comes at a very bad time for a mile 16 I think. I dread it every year, but keep coming back for more. The first half of the Akron Road Runner really isn't that bad, all the hell is saved for the second half. There's one other really steep graded short hill, but most everyone walks it to save steam. I've heard many Boston marathoners say that Akron is a good training ground for Boston...not that I'm even close to that. My best time for Akron was 4:31 and it beat me to all hell. I'd like to try for 4:20 this year...long way to go to qualify for Boston.


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