Wednesday, July 4, 2007

North Canton 5 Mile Race Report

I ran a road race today! I thought it would be my speedwork today. I wasn't particularly speedy, with a time of 49.40. Perhaps I shouldn't have drank so much wine last night...I was standing on the starting line just unmotivated to be there. I wondered if I could just wander away from the start, if anyone would notice. I wondered what on earth I was doing on asphalt.
As the race started, I also realized I should not have picked one of my older pairs of road shoes. After 400 or so miles, they weren't holding much cushion.
There was 2030 runners for this 2 and 5 mile race. Luckily, the 2 miler seemed to be the big attraction and there was probably 500 or so 5 mile runners. I really wasn't used to such a big crowd of runners, people bouncing up and down, stretching..I was doing my usual stand in one spot and conserve energy, it's hard to get out of ultra mode...
It was a nice course, just some tiny little rolling hills. I did have to snort when I came upon the first water stop, right after the first mile mark. (It is a really nicely put on race.) ?WTF? Was there really a need for water after one mile? Apparently a bunch of runners felt there was and stopped. There was also water stops at miles 2,3 and 4. My mouth was a bit dry but I didn't see the need for water.
Another strange thing I noticed was the amount of headphones being worn. And, as we ran, the silence. There was no chatter! I've gotten so used to conversations that I felt like I was in a library.
Well, each mile went by pretty fast, and before I really thought about it, I hit mile 4. I mananged to chick 4 guys in the last mile and finished in 49.40. Since I figured I wasn't going to win any AG awards with a time like that, I got some food and headed for home!
Kind of a boring post, but kind of a boring race. Trails have spoiled me.


  1. Nice race and post Kim! I laughed out loud with the WTF to the water stop comment...

    If I can ever qualify for Boston and conquer that challenge, then I swear, I'm switching strictly to trail running!

    Are you by chance coming here for the BT50k?

  2. Hi Maria,
    I am not planning on running the BT50K--I'm wimping out this year-it IS a tough race!!!
    I do have the go ahead to drive up and volunteer, so I hope to meet you at an aid station along the way and cheer you on.

  3. Running and stretching before the race? No talking? Everybody wears headphones? Drinking out of paper cups? Concrete? Road shoes? That is cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. You chicked a few guys. Good for you. I thought I was going to be your crew for this race??? Whats up with that?? LOL

  5. What, no medals at the finish line :)

    Just curious, did you see anyone taking gels? I love seeing folks at 5K's with 2 - 3 gels.

    BTW, I love the new profile picture. now thats a trail goddess if I've ever seen one!

  6. It's amazing how ones perspective of a short race changes when you start running ultras and especially trails.


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