Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Days Aid Station Report

The NEO Trail Club sponsored the Happy Days Aid Station at Mile 65 of the Burning River 100 Race. We had a very good time. We had great organization and flow through the aid station. It helped greatly that we kept crew and family out of the aid station.

Race winner Mark Godale (16.07) checking in at Happy Days

The Trail Goddess had brought the washcloths, and that was a big hit. I received one look of such gratitude from a runner that pretty much made my whole day! It's amazing what a small gesture can do to help a runner with their race.

Race Director Joe Jurcyzk coming by for an inspection:

It really was fun to work the aid station, seeing everyone come in, greet the runners, get them their aid, and kick them the hell out!! I hope we were able to assist someone in finishing their 100 miler on a very tough day out there.


  1. Great job at this and all the aid stations! Thanks to the Trail Goddess for the ice-cream! It is great to have a good group of people out there helping.

  2. The aid station volunteers were all great people. Very nice to see you out there. Thanks to you and all the other helpers out there on the course.

  3. I can tell you Kim did a GREAT job of kicking me out, but I definitely deserved it! I stayed too long! She really helped me there with all I needed too... thanks Kim!!


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