Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still I Run

It was either 90 or 99 degrees today, depending on what sign you wanted to believe...I think it was closer to 90 myself. I really wasn't feeling the love of the run...I was in my normal tired after-work whininess, and didn't have my daily chat with Andrew to re-energize me to run...but I still put the sunglasses on and the iPod and walked off from the gym to do 4 miles around the block.

I automatically started running at the "bridge" at the end of town. I was running my loop backwards, because at this time of year, the sun angle is different, and I knew I would have more shade this way. The thing is, the 1/2 mile hill is now in the first 1/2 mile of the run, which has caused some shin pain in the past.

I start up the hill, wondering when I will start walking. But still I run. Up the hill. Well, it's not actually running, but it's not walking. And up I go. I'm listening to a podcast, and my brain is kind of frantically waiting for the legs to take a walking break..and still I run.

20 feet from the top, I slow into a walking mode...but I crest the hill and go back into running. The handsome German Shepherd merely barks hello but stays in his yard.
I run down the hill, and keep running. I keep seeing little inclines, and the brain is saying "Oh good, up ahead, we'll walk there" and still I run. The legs were on auto pilot.

I hit the 1/2 point, run across the highway, and noticed the "Road Closed" sign. What? Could it be? Yes, sure enough, the 2 mile section of road that I normally dislike because of the high traffic is closed! The road is practically mine!!!!

It's hot on the asphalt, out of the shaded areas. But still I run on. All of a sudden, I round the last bend, and see my other bridge, my ending point on this side of town. Wow. The body did not listen to the brain for this run. This body wanted to run.


  1. So what have we learned?

    If you want to run and run, you either have to:

    1. Do a good bloodletting first.
    2. Not chat with Andrew (hardly an option, I know)
    3. Listen to some podcast.

    Sounds like a good run! Similar heat did me in down in Texas one day this week, but I still had fun. Rocky Racoon won't be so hot though....

  2. well now I've been blamed for a lot of things but this is too much :)

    Glad to hear you had a good one. sometimes heat can be a good thing, frees the mind and the body just goes.

    I hope to get to talk to you again soon though. maybe I can be your excuse today, whatchathink?

  3. glad you had a nice run of listening to your body (and having it tell you a good thing like keep running :) )

    How nice that you got to enjoy part of a road all to yourself too!


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