Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trail Run

I am back. I really wasn't anywhere, but thanks for the kind enquiries. Increased work load, starting a long-distance learning class, and sucky runs lead to drecreased blogging. Worrying about things beyond my control, for the moment, sucked my creative juices. When Nick emailed about a Mohican run "you know you want to" I said heck yeah.

Nick is running his first 50K in a few weeks, the Haliburton Race which offers a 50K, 50 mile and 100 mile race. I have been interested in the 100 mile since meeting Helen Malmberg, the RD. This was Nick's training run, on the course the three of us knew pretty well: Nick, Tonya, Kim.

Nick wanted to start early, to "Beat the heat" which is typical for August for us, but a cold wave hit, and it was in the mid-fifties when we met up at the Covered Bridge!

It was also still dark, and Kim brought the only light!! So we started on the mountain bike trail, because I knew that was a better trail than the traditional 2 mile hike up Gas Line Hill. In fact,the mountain bike trail was really sweet, lots of switchbacks. I think we end up with the same elevation climb as the traditional Red Loop climb. But a much easier route! In fact, we got to Bridle Staging Area in 47 minutes, where that is normally about one hour for our pace.

It started raining as soon as we started running, but that just made for a very cool day. Very much different than our normal running in August. Running under the trees, we actually weren't getting that poured upon. It was a very good run, it seemed to go fast, with our chatting about the different races we've been at lately, the local running gossip, and upcoming races and plans.

The big news for me was NO BLISTERS!! In feet that were wet as soon as we started, five hours of running in wet socks and shoes, 4 water crossings, NO BLISTERS.

The difference? I really don't know. I wore my road shoes, my Saucony Pro Grid Triumphs. I laced the very top a little tighter than normal. I did not tape my feet at all. Could it be something in the shoe heel area? I'll run exclusively in these shoes if that fixes my problem!


  1. Glad you had a good run Kim. But am I seeing LARGE bandages on your knee in the pictures?? You ok??

  2. I was humming the theme song to Welcome Back Kotter as I read....

    Kim, I wish I could do Halliburton to fly that week, but I REALLY wish I could go there.

  3. Wow, no blisters with the Triumph. Did you find that the mesh toe area let in a lot of debris, etc.? I've been tempted to try mine on the trail but this characteristic of the shoe has prevented me so far. Great job to you.


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