Sunday, September 2, 2007

Trail Run Salt Fork

I did the same route that I ran last Sunday, except I did it about twenty minutes faster! I also didn't dawdle or have epiphanies out on the trail like I did last weekend. I broke my rule and ran with my iPod--I really just didn't want to think out there today, just run, so I ran with it at a very very low volume.
I didn't start until almost noon, and thought for sure there would be alot of horsepersons out on the trail. I only encountered two couples out there, which was kind of nice.
Less than one mile into the trail, I tripped and fell!! I swear it was about the same place as last Sunday. Today I was a bit smarter and was wearing capris, so I wouldn't rip my legs up on the briars like last week, so no new skinned knees today!

The run did break through my apathy. I'm going to get up early and run to town and back, about 18 miles. This sleeping in is for the birds--I'm not feeling any better rested!!

Umstead 2008

If you were thinking of this race and haven't registered for it yet, you are probably too late. They had 200 registered about 1 pm September 2 and would reach their online registration of 225 later today. I hadn't quite decided on Umstead but the race filling up quickly made me change my mind. It's crazy! Signing up Sept 1 for a race in April 2008. It's nice that ultra running is getting so popular, but you also have to make your plans well in advance too! If you are just thinking about a race, you might want to register for it! FYI: Massanutten registration opens December 4.


  1. Talk about a crappy job is in the middle of jacking our schedules around, and I may not know what I can do for a few weeks, so I don't feel like I should register for anything.

    On a lighter note, my running is feeling GREAT! I had a real nice 20 miler soon...but will also run some tonight before a rest day tomorrow!

    I hope you are well! Miss you!

  2. Kimba, did I read that right? MMT in 2008?

    Tough run that I love. My favorite 100 so far.

    YUT-C is soon. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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