Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cobweb Trail Run

I had a very good run today. A trail run, in 86 degrees F, with cobwebs everywhere. This also seemed to wipe the cobwebs off my running spirit. I've been in such a funk. No energy, no motivation. Being struggling with the motivation. I love to run, but when it's time to run...agh.

Then I read Luc's post today, about being happy. And it really struck a chord with me. His post, was " My "big picture" goal is to be happy; isn't that everybody's goal? I know that in order to be happy, I need to focus on the things that make me happy". Go see his post. It made me think, alot, at 630am.

Then, around 830 am, my phone rings, and I suspiciously pick it up (work line, private number..) it's an old friend. That I haven't heard from in about 2 years. He's started running, and wants some input. Wants to know if I am still running marathons. I start laughing, and mention ultra marathons. And then get the conversation back to my friend. He's tweaking things that make him happy. His career is good, and now he is 'tweaking' his life, for things he knows make him happy.

Wait. Didn't I just read that in Luc's post? Then Rafi calls, 2 hours later? About making priorities about things that make you happy? Wow, these two friends are really empowering me to drag myself out of the current doldrums that I am in. And friends, I have been in the doldrums. No motivation. Little energy. I have just been feeling lifeless. But two friends, in about two hours, calling me out, wow this just made my day..

Rather a busy work day, I just focused on that fact that I have a great trail to run on here in town. I didn't think about being tired, or getting home in time to go visit with the neighbors. I thought about more how I am always so happy when I get out on this trail, in the winter how happy I am to be out there. I changed clothes at work, and went for a run,, 86 degrees and all.

It was a great run. Cobwebs everywhere. Especially in my face. Yuck! Raking them off my head as I ran. I tried to use a stick in front of me as I ran, but my trail is fairly technical, and I needed to watch my footing rather than the webs in front of me.

As I ran, the better I felt. I felt the cobwebs drain away from my body. I'm moving slower, but that's okay. At least I am moving. I'm sweating all these impurities and thoughts out of my body. I'm having FUN out here on the trail! This is what it's supposed to be about!

I felt better today, on this run, than I have felt in a month. I needed this run!


  1. Bravo Goddess! I am glad you are rebounding!

    I am going to miss the Cheat Mt. Moonshine deal, which bums me, but I promised no ultras til I lose the weight (which is going good...) Sorry I can't laugh the night away with you.

  2. Kim that's great!! Welcome back to the good life. :)

    Jen and I still want to make it to your property with our fishing poles soon. The post vacation craziness is dwindling down, so we hope to see you sooner than later.


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