Sunday, September 7, 2008

Salt Fork Run

I had a good run down at Salt Fork. although I didn't get out until 130 pm to run.

I know some runners who would not follow this sign!

This is a bridle trail, called the 'orange trail', and I haven't run it all summer. I was there between "seasons" since the summer boaters are now gone off the lake and none of the hunting seasons have began. Very quiet down on the lake.

They've made big improvements to the trail, making it wider for the horses, except for this initial section below:
In fact, they have rerouted the trail, adding on about one mile, which now takes you along the lake shore. This is a nice improvement, since the old trail section was a very rutty shoe-sucking mud trudge fest. .

The drought is taking its toll. The lake at Salt Fork is starting to get low.

I had a very good trail run, although it was around 130 pm before I got to Salt Fork to run. This is my loop course, called the 'orange trail'. It's a bridle trail.


  1. So how do you like running on horse trails? The problem we have here is that with the lack of rain, the horse "presents" last forever and we have to run around or trip over them. Ewww.

  2. I'm really digging your photo runs, I should do this too and share my runs with you.

    Looks like a beautiful trail. Thanks again for sharing! :)

  3. I was suppose to be at the lodge on the 13th but plans got changed, maybe if I ever make it there, we can get together for a run.

  4. Kim,
    We are going to have to get a group run in at Salt Fork sometime.

    I am sure Luc would join us.
    Right Luc?

  5. Count me in. Just make sure it's on the right day!
    Will be at the Cambridge Invitational on Sept. 27. Last year it was in the country by the crazies, this year it is at the high school. HMMMMMMMMMM!

  6. I miss your podcast!



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