Thursday, December 11, 2008

Desolation Run

I got out of work. It was gray. Gray, gray, gray. I headed over to Lake Park. It was desolate. Not a soul in site. I decided to take my camera and show everyone the bleakness and total lack of color in Ohio in winter.
So I started snapping pictures. But a funny thing happened. I kept trying to see the usual landscape as ugly, and desolate. But I couldn't. Even in winter, there is always beauty in nature.

I realize as I took this picture that I'm so used to the pool being closed (it's only open Memorial Day through Labor Day) I'm usually startled when I run by and it's full of people!

Heading toward the bridge, over the Tuscarawas River:

Another small pond. I'm running toward Roscoe Village right now:

Sometimes I will run over to Roscoe Village, just to extend a 1/2 mile onto a run:

Usually, it's pretty slow going through here, because of car traffic and running on bricks through the village. It's very pretty in the summer

My tour of Roscoe over, heading back toward Lake Park. The bike trail is very safe; you don't have a cross a road while on the bike path.

The white jugs are luminaries. I might try and get a twilight run in where they've gone through and lit all the candles.

This is the bigger lake at Lake Park. You can rent paddleboats for it. Lots of folks fishing on it in warmer weather:

As I ran back toward the river, I heard them! Murders of crow!! Hundreds of crows in the trees and on the empty cornfield, making a cacophony of sound! I wish I had a recorder so you could hear them!

I kept trying to snap pics of them, as they rose out of the trees, but alas, my camera kind of sucks at that. My camera batteries also became "exhausted" (their words on the screen, not mine) and that was the end of the photo journey.

So, my point is, I was originally trying to show how dank and dark and ugly my area was in the winter. But after a few steps of running, I couldn't do it. The mood lifted and I found lots of wonderful interesting items to look at, even in the middle of a gloomy grey winter afternoon. Must be those endorphins!


  1. Sometimes I find those desolate Grey Sky runs to be the best. I love the solitude. Maybe it's just cause I'm from Ohio.
    Those pictures look great despite the cold sky.

    That twilight run would be fun.

  2. Cool pics! Cool town. Have fun in the morning!


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