Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shortest Day of the Year

And first day of winter. It's been winter-well winter weather here in Ohio since mid-November with what seems like below normal temperatures.
I ran 10 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Watching "trash TV" helps. I went through "the Biggest Loser" "You are what you eat" and a little "what not to wear".
I wore my Akron Marathon Brooks for the first 5 miles. I developed tightness in my shins, and then decided to switch out to an old pair of Saucony. I think I will keep the Brooks for gym work rather than running.

The reason I ran inside was this is "Bonus Weekend" of deer gun season. It still is prudent to choose an alternate route to run. Today will also be another inside run.

I am thinking of a trail run at Salt Fork State Park on Friday, December 26. I have the day off from work and want to get a nice trail run in that day. Email me or leave me a comment if you might want to join in!


  1. Kim,

    Wish I could join you. Unfortunately I have 2 family Christmas's that day. Have a good time and I'll be seeing you soon somewhere for another trail run. :)


  2. Kim - I would definitely like to check out this park sometime but I can't make it on Friday.


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