Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chilly and Hilly

I meant to take pics all along my running route today...

A church about 5 miles into the run. I stashed a Starbucks Double Espresso something or other here, and as I sipped it, I noticed the cannon.

Cannons in the middle of Ohio? Other than some Indian skirmishes, this part of Ohio wasn't involved in any wars using canons..

When I read the plaque I thought it was kind of neat. It looks like it says "The Boys in Blue"
dedicated way back in 1902, so the Civil War must have still been a prescence in people's lives 30+ years later. I wonder if the area had many Civil War veterans. I wouldn't think so, because not many people live down this way! This is still remote farmlands, it must have been far more remote in 1902.

I like this shot. The zombies won't make it far over the hill with this cannon defending the hilltop!

Next little town, if you can call it that, is Gilmore. It's really just a road intersection. I took pics of the abandoned houses falling down here, but didn't post them because it was sad.
This church is sad though. Church for sale. Anyone need a little church?

I continued on my way, and got to my Aid Station about mile 8:

I found these little Amp Shots at the local grocery store. I can't say I really saw any difference in using these, so probably won't try them again.

This was the last pic I got, I was starting on a big uphill. For some reason, probably my stop at the AS, my hands were freezing in my running gloves. I had to keep taking my fingers out and ball up my hands inside the glove for warmth. Consequently, I dropped my camera. And then it froze up on me!!
This was when I started doing a little whining to myself. I was very cold, my hands were red and very cold, maybe I should just call the husband for a bailout. But then, I started up a very big hill. This helped warm me up again, and I switched podcasts that I was listening to. Then I had a big downhill, and I think I was over the half-way point of the run.
I got down by the Tuscarawas river, the lowest elevation, and the sun broke through the clouds, and it actually warmed up a bit! I scared up two different groups of deer, 7 in the first group and six in the second, from their comfortable bedding spots.
I then had one of my last big climbs, from around 789 feet to 1200 feet (this is a hilly route, check out my climbs and drops) and knew I wasn't calling for a bailout. I did get kind of tired in the last few miles, and my hip flexors are a bit sore, but I just need to stretch better.
I'm glad I did this run today. Although I wanted to go to Mohican, my time was better spent getting some good road miles in, since my upcoming 100 miler is more like a road than trail. (It's like a bike path, no single track). I ended up with 24 miles in 5.38 around a 14.35 pace.
Although no smile pictures, I did have the nice post endorphin high, and now I'm very pleasantly tired, as you should be after a good effort!


  1. I loved the pictures Kim! I liked the view from the cannon.

  2. That is a nice cannon!

    And 20+ miles on the road is more than I want to do. More than my hip adductor thingies would be hurting. Good run!

  3. That cannon picture is very cool.
    The roads look nice and peaceful.

  4. Nice work, Kimba! Looks like you live in beautiful country up there. Love your zombie reference. :)

    I gotta know... how do you keep your MP3 player from freezing up on you? I haven't ran with my iPod all winter because it always freezes up about mile 2 in that kind of weather... every time. Please do tell.


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