Friday, February 20, 2009


This has really bothered the point of tears. I'm not sure if it's just my disappointment, or just my whole shit sandwich of a week I've had.

An email I recieved:

"Hey Kimba,Attached is a note Carolyn asked me to forward to you. Can you find another crazy to take on this 120 adventure? I think it is good to have a partner you know a bit and of comparable pace.The Pub Run has fun last Saturday, how was your trainer?Dan

I am pleased to tell you that my friend Jill wants to run the Appalachian crossing with me. She will be contacting you shortly, but I told her I would let you know for sign up. I think it would be best if Kim gets another partner, as Jill is fast these days and we will be doing our training together. I lost my old emails as my computer went down, so will you contact Kim and let her know? When do you need money? Thanks for all of your help! Carolyn "

This is about the Appalachian Crossing.

Reasons I am pissed: 1) Not being contacted directly. My address is on the WV Yahoo Group, if you had any web savvy you would have found it.
2) Being dumped because I am slow-I typed a whole bunch of expletives here, then decided I was better person and deleted it.
3) Not being able to run the Appalchian Crossing-I don't know anyone who is old, fat and slow as me, that would want to run a multi stage day race across West Virginia. And is slow. Did I mention I was slow?

This was just an inopportune time to receive this. I've had chaos at home, with skunked dogs and little sleep; dispointments at work and have had to internalize (as usual) great stress since it's things I can't talk about; little energy to get quality workouts in.

I emailed Dan and told him I was out for the Crossing. Give my space to some young, fit fast runner who has all sorts of people to run with at their speed. Yes, I am bitchy, whining, and complaining.


  1. Kim, I am feeling your pain today big time. Since the last 2 hours, I can't stop crying - kind of things rolled in, all negative, nothing extra-bad, but too much at the same time, and then just feelings added up on some old and really not important things...and here you go, poor me, boohoo, and speaking of slow, I am taking an early start tomorrow for a 50k!!!
    Misery loved company:) Lets get out together!

  2. I'm so sorry that happened. If I were closer, I'd run it with you.

    That just sucks!

  3. When is it? I would do it with you?
    Debbie in AZ

  4. Olga, nice to hear kind comments like that! It's exactly like that, things just adding up at the end of a not-so-nice long week!

  5. All I can say is this - sh*t sandwiches just make the dessert taste way better.

    Survive the week, refocus and work through your challenges. I promise that next week will be much better.

    Just remember - spring's around the corner!

  6. That really ticks me off - because I know you would support runners slower than you if you were suddenly "fast these days".

    I hope you can still run the race, it sounds amazing.

  7. I'd be pissed, too. :-(

    I'd do the race, but I'm a displaced WV-ian in WI now, and my trip back east for the year is in October for Marine Corps. Sound awesome, though! I'm going to have to look that one up...

  8. Yeah, who needs 'em? You'll have a better time with others. Hope you feel better already. Way more folks will support us than dump us slow guys. You get your run on.

  9. They are total asses. My friends always talk me into doing crazy stuff, even though I'm constantly apologizing for how slow I am. Wish I could send my friends over your way. All in all, though, you need better "friends," and I use the term rather loosely!


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