Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mohican Run Valentine's Day

Joe climbing up at Little Lyons Falls
Rob climbing up Little Lyons Falls
Wendy in the lead on the Purple Loop
Group photo: Mike, Wendy,Debbie, Regis,Joe, Michelle, Rob, Kimba

Luc was late!

Mike, Michelle and Luc, on the "Forget the PR" section
Debbie, our special guest runner from Phoenix!
Debbie climbing up Little Lyons Falls

Luc at the waterfall at Big Lyons Falls

Luc coming off the trail at Pleasant Dam
Mike climbing up at Little Lyons Falls

Okay, pics all out of order, but that's okay!

Race report: We all got to Covered Bridge right on time, except for Luc, who was late and missed the group photo. We started down the traditional purple loop, with the understanding that we would add the extra mileage and head out to view the "Forget the PR" loop. (but we didn't give Debbie this memo!)

We had the little stream crossing right as we started down the trail toward Little Lyons Fall. I went through the water, up to my ankles, as everyone else detoured a bit to hop across on some rocks. Ha! I knew my feet would be wet soon, so why postpone something that's going to happen in three-four minutes?

We climbed up the falls, and I managed to get some pics of some of the runners. Debbie and I ran down to Pleasant Dam together. As we started on the road section, we heard a "hey! how do I get down there?"

Debbie and I look up, and Luc! is on the short cliff above us. Running in front of us, he somewhere lost the pack and got separated. I direct him over to a safer area (like the actual trail) and we continue down Goon Road together.

We take the "Forget the PR" section, which takes us out to the lodge. As we get there, we meet up with Mike, Michelle, Luc and Rob, and they all take the small loop around the lodge again with us. This is a nice section of trail for the "Forget the PR" course; what's cool is it goes right by the Lodge. You could have family rent on the rooms on this side and they could sit on the little balconies and cheer you on as you go by!

Debbie and Luc both admire BigLyons Falls, and I tell Luc this is a nice short hike for the family.

Debbie decides she is done for the day after her nine mile loop, and we wish her well and were glad to meet her out on the course!

Luc and I head out on the orange loop together. It's in real good shape, but I almost plow directly in a downed tree on the mountain bike trail-good thing I'm looking a few feet ahead!

As we head into the pine trees, I become pretty aware that my breathing is not the greatest. My dumb ass did not use the albuterol inhaler before we started. Nor did I wear my little face mask to help warm up my air before I breathe it in. So now, about three hours or so, I'm not sucking so much air into my lungs, and I'm doing my annoying cough about every four breaths.

Luc waits up for me, so he won't take the wrong turn, and asks how I am doing. I tell him about my breathing, and tell him I'm going to cut some miles off the run. I tell him he can go on ahead, as he's run this section before, but he opts to stay with me. (maybe he regretted that!)

We run past the Hickory Ridge AS turn, and I think we should be seeing the old jeep trail down to the road. We start down a faint trail, but it turns out not to be the jeep trail (that was a little further down) but a little deer trail. I go down it, as the idea is to go down toward the river, right?

So we're off piste! Heading down a ravine toward a cree. The last ten feet were a bit steep; Luc reminded me not to break a bone. I said I wasn't planning on it!

So we get to the creek. Luc wants to know whether we're crossing it and traversing on the other side, and I say, nope, we're following the creek down to the river!

So we're climbing over logjams and walking through the water, and generally staying in the creek as we go downhill. I know this will spill us into the river, and sure enough, we see the river and the trail we need! We're then heading upriver, back toward the Covered Bridge. We finally hit the pavement, at the back of the campground, and I start a fast walk. Luc commented on my fast walk! And I was gratified, as I glanced at my Garmin, that we were at a 14.00 minute pace-whoo hoo the treadmill workout is paying off!

Luc takes off back at the CB, and I chat with Michelle as she returns after her heavy mileage day. I was just getting ready to leave when I get into a conversation with a nice hiking couple from Akron-the lady was a runner herself, and so blown away by our running 100 mile races. They may come out and cheer on the Burning River runners in August!

Conclusion: Two weekends in a row I didn't meet my mileage totals at Mohican. But, it is what it is.I accept it and move on. I will remember my inhaler-use my old trick, and put it in the shoes that I change into on the start of a run, so I can't forget it.

I did get to meet a few new friends on this run-Joe, Mike, and Debbie, and got to spend more nice time chatting with Luc on the trails, so another great run at Mohican!


  1. is your cough asthma? i have cough-variant asthma, which is why i'm asking. it gets aggravated after i get sick. bleh.

  2. Yes. I have excercised induced asthma, which the cough is part of. Usually, this doesn't kick in until an 8 hour or so run. But I didn't use the inhaler before this run, which was just stupid.

  3. Thank you Kim for letting me tag along! I had a great time!

  4. So I see you spent the day with one of your greatest lovers...the trails, that is..

  5. Great pictures Kim and that was so much fun!

  6. Kim, I had a blast this time! I'll never forget you're crazy shortcut! :)

  7. WOW. You guys are ALL hard core. Climbin' up cliffs and stuff. All I do is power walk around a track these days! ;-)

  8. Holy cow, you trail runners are hardcore. Those pics show some pretty gnarly terrain.


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