Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why I Like Running Ultras

Some various snippets from some commentary around the internet. Pics are from Jefferson Memorial Forest, this past weekend run.

From Brian McNeill race report:

" I'm still in search of the white-whale of a Boston qualifying (or "BQ"as road-runners call it) time. I ran well again, dropping my PR by a fewmore minutes but fell 00:57 short of the standard. This marathon stuffis crazy. Seconds really do matter. No time to pose for pictures, greet friends from elsewhere in the country at an aid station, go through dropbags, eat turkey-cheese sandwiches, change socks, or push fist-fulls ofGummi Bears into my mouth (not that they have real food at road races). "

This is a snippet from a report, on the Kickrunners forum, on a runner's first ultra:

Quote: "My mind is in a whole new place as to what my body can do. "

And then the reply by another ultra runner: " ....& therein lies the hook."


  1. Plus, all you "Real Deal" ultra runners are the best people to be around.

  2. That runners' response is what hooked me on my first trail race also. It was so hard, but I wanted more. Then after my first 60K, I was hooked for good.

  3. Once your mind is in the game you body has to follow!

  4. Looks like a nice peaceful run!


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