Sunday, April 26, 2009

Run to Town

I got started a little before 8 am. I knew it was going to be hot, so I wanted to get some miles in. The idea was to run to town and back but the hubby had mentioned wanting to go out to lunch before hitting Loews and the grocery store.
Pretty uneventful run. I haven't been out this way in a long time. Things seen:
4 new Amish homes built.
1 new log cabin (English)
1 dead squirrel
1 dead possum
0 dogs chased me.

I got to town at 11 miles, stopped at the IGA grocery store (the only grocery store) and refilled my water in the rest room, and then chose a double chocolate donut with sprinkles and a lemonade as my AS stop food!

I called the hubby while in town (while I still had cell phone coverage) and told him I wanted to do lunch with him. This would call for an early extraction. He would just come find me on the road. I tromped up Stocker Ridge Road (to the top of the ridge) I kept looking for the SUV to rescue me! Nope, of course he finds me on the downhill on the other side of the ridge.

Lunch, in town, pizza, then Loews, grocery store, and a trip to a local icon,

The Yaggi Cheese House"The Yaggi Cheese House". A family owned and operated business, Yaggi Cheese House can be found at the original location chosen by Grandpa Joseph Yaggi in 1924. Yaggi's is on their third generation of family service with owners David & Coke Yaggi.
Many of the fine cheeses sold here today are made locally.
You cannot beat the prices of their cheese.

Then we came home, got the dogs out for their walk, made fruit salad for work on Monday. Then we washed down the front and one side of the house. Whew. Time to relax now!

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