Saturday, April 25, 2009

Salt Fork Run

The husband told me he was going north to Cleveland on Saturday, so I thought "good day for a trail run at Salt Fork"! After a posting on Facebook, Nick thought he would be up to it, and we met on Saturday morning around 10 am. Nick works third shift so I thought that was great of him to come out on no sleep to run..

This is the cute PDF Map from ODNR, about the best you can find.

I've run on part of this trail before. The little sign at the Horseman's Camp states the Blue Trail is a 12 mile loop.

This is how Garmin 305 saw it: Here's the PUD (pointless ups and downs) we encountered out there today!

It turns out this is around 7.2 miles, by my Garmin. I started it as we entered the trail off the Horseman's Camp. This is a nice trail, punctuated by lots of shoe sucking mud areas from our recent rains. This was an up and down trail!

Nick and I had fun out here. No time constraints, we took our times on the climbs, and enjoyed the downhills. Did I mention the temperature yet? We had a freaky 80 degrees and sunny. Quite hard to bam! acclimate to. Hence, just taking the run easy.

I'm so glad Nick came over for this trail run. We've now covered the Blue Trail at Salt Fork State Park, and I know it's not the "advertised" 12 miles. Nick did great, as he had just done the "Forget the PR 50K" on Sunday, and was running at the end of his work day.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part! We went down to the beach area of the lake to cool off. They now have a dog park, fenced in right at the water edge, so folks can bring their pooches to run and play and swim. Nick and I waded in up to our thighs and spent some time just chilling and watching dogs play. A great end to our run! Thanks for coming over Nick!


  1. Did I really strike that Pose in that field? I was laughing so hard. I was beyond tired, so it's hard to tell what all I did and didn't even know it.

  2. I love that term (PUD's) - that's awesome!

    Looks like a nice run though!


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