Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trail Run Today

I'm going to Salt Fork State Park for a trail run today. It looks like Nick is going to join me, which is good since I want to explore the entire "blue" trail today. The map says it's 13 miles long, so who knows if that is accurate or not. I've been on part of this before, but I really want to explore the whole loop. One drawback is there is no water.
But I have my Nathan Hydration vest to try out! I wore it when we marked trail, and had a backpack with a stapler, hammer, and wooden stakes in it. So when I removed that 10 lbs, the Nathan felt pretty good.

Despite not blogging, I have been working out. I started the P90X workouts on April 13-and they are really killer workouts. I thought I was in shape until I started these! I was really looking for a change-up in my excercise (non-running) routine. I had my gym membership but was apathetic about going. So when the gym membership expired, I decided to spend the money on the P90x DVD's. So far, I really like the variety-the yoga kicked my ass!!

It will take me longer than 90 days to get through the cycle, because I'm not doing the P90x if I am doing a run. For example, I ran 4 miles Thursday and 5 miles Friday and that was my workout for the day. But I will keep you posted on how this goes.

I really need to get my training plan worked out for Mohican-it's coming soon!

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  1. Kimba!

    I want to try P90x too...

    I hope you follow up with a post about the BLUE trail at Salt Fork. I am interested.

    Also, Mike Patton and I are planning a 24 hour hike at Mohican at the end of you want in on that?


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