Sunday, May 17, 2009

Salt Fork Run

Luc and I met up for an early morning run at Salt Fork at 7am...a nice crisp morning, and with the wind blowing, it was good to get started and get on the trail!!

About a 1/2 mile down the trail, I realized I had left my Garmin 305 on the hood of my SUV. Luc asked if I wanted to turn around, and I said no. Salt Fork is rather deserted at this time of year, and I was going on good trail karma to see if the Garmin was still there.

I also realized I had forgotten my trail map too! Luc had his Garmin, so we just decided to wing it.

I knew where we were going (since I had written a blog post about it :) ) just wasn't quite sure of the distance. We started up the purple bridle path, which we took over to the main campground road.

We ran the archery loop. The map says one mile. Um, no. More like 0.3 mile but still a nice little trail. This trail is for the archery range, where there are 12 stations set up for archery practice. Luc and I imagined the deer sleep right behind the targets in the off season.

Next trail was the Shadebush Loop, which led over to the Lodge. Great trail! Turned into single track, not rocky, not rooty, just lots of up and down, took us down along the lake. It spun us out on the main road right at the golf course entrance, and we then turned and retraced our footsteps.

We continued down the main campground road,running each loop as we can to it.
We came to the FAREA Loop and ran down this.

This spilled us back onto the main campground road, and Luc mentioned he needed some water, so we walked over toward a campground restroom. We were on the asphalt, and the little roadway wound around and seemed like we were not getting nearer to the restroom so just stomped across the grass to the restroom.

Where the Trail Goddess Gets us Lost on Asphalt

We walk out to the main road, and go to our left. I see a trail loop and say "hey let's run this one". We run downhill and then....stop. We see the same big limestone block....and the same trail down to the water.
We're both astonished. How did this happen? I insist we crossed the road to the restroom. We think we are in some weird time space continum. We climb back up the hill that I had just remarked upon would be "good hill repeats" and continue down the road.
Not too far down the road, I'm eyeing the campground. It's lookiing awful familiar to me from my Wednesday run. Just as I start to say something, so does Luc, and we see these yellow posts. Oh no!!!!! I've gotten us turned completely the wrong way!!!!
(Well, I've taken Luc down a creekbed in the middle of winter at Mohican, so a few extra feet of road is actually an improvement).

We turn around and head down the road correctly. It's not to far to the beach, where we pick up the bridle trail for about a 1 mile back to our vehicle.

On the way back, Luc wonders if my Garmin will still be there. I tell him, even if it isn't, maybe someone picked up it and it will change his life. He'll walk a mile, then another, using his/my Garmin, and then maybe take up running.

Good trail karma paid off, and the Garmin was still on the hood of my vehicle when we returned!

Thanks for coming over Luc, I've now got some more excellent trails at Salt Fork to run on!


  1. I had a blast! Thanks for showing me around Salt Fork. It's always an adventure with you. :) Already looking forward to Saturday!

  2. Wow, you lucked out! Though, sometimes I'm pretty lax with stuff too in really remoe connections. Great looking run!


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