Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long run

I did a 22 mile run today. Ran to a neighboring town, Gnadehutten, and then almost home. I ran out of water, and had not dropped any. I checked my time, and saw my time was almost up, since I told the husband it was supposed to be around 20 miles, when actually the mileage is more like 25 or 26 miles. ( Oh well, I didn't remember how long it was.)
Stopping in "Gnade" as it's known by locals for Gatorade and an ice cream cone, and some more food, at mile 12.3, I continued on. The stop at Gnade I consider the half-way point.

I ran out of both fuel, water and energy on this run. I didn't carry enough nutrition, although I could have. I should stashed a few more water bottles out there. Hence the energy drop.

I'm quite fatigued by this run. I think it's cuz this was a road run!

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  1. 22mi?!? Some days I can barely get that on my bike! Good on ya!


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