Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Salt Fork Trail Run

A nice run at Salt Fork State Park. I mainly followed the "Purple" Bridal Trail. Since we are just about in a drought status, the trails were in good shape, only the low spots full of shoe-sucking mud. I did cut up one hiking trail, to get water at a restroom, now that I know they will intersect the road in the campgrounds. Then I ran down the road a bit, and hopped back on another hiking trail, which led me back to the bridle trail.

Lots of deer to interrupt today. These boys, I literally walked right up on them. Too bad my camera chose that minute to fritz. They appear to be twins, maybe 2-3 years old. Nice velvet on their antlers.

Not a soul out on the trails on a Wednesday-I think I have a new morning activity on my week day off!


  1. nothing quite like the combo of solitude and single-track :)


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