Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am in the curious stage of having no goals. I don't have any target race to work toward; I withdrew from Tom Jennings
Inaugural 100 Mile Oil City Race. I simply do not have the enthusiasm or motivation to enter another race that I cannot finish.

I thought about entering the Groundhog 50K, but I would have to leave late Friday night, probably sleep in my car, and then run a 50K by myself. Again, just not seeing the motivation or summoning up the energy for that. I can stay around here and run a 50K if I like.

About the only sure plans are a relay section of the Akron Marathon, and I am planning on running the Bobcat Marathon on Novemeber 8th.

I haven't even been for a run. And I really am not upset/worried/caring about it. (Well, actually I had Monday off work, then I worked my 4 10 hour shifts).

I just don't know what I feel like doing right now. I am kicking around the idea of a Laurel Highlands run, maybe in October. I do feel like exploring some new places, maybe doing some new things. But what new things, I don't have a clue about either.

I'm still alive and out here. Just kind of apathetic.


  1. Hey Kim-How about a run at Mohican. It always does the soul good. If you read this today on the 8th Don, Nick, Luc and myself are running from the CB around 7:30am on Sun. the 9th. Or get a hold of me and I can run about any day or time. Hang in there!! Terri

  2. Hey Kim I met you at the burning river prerace dinner and you gave me info on "moonshine madness". I aslo asked you how you did at the end (I paced the last 40). Iam in complete awe that someone can run taht far. Hang in there. Thnigs get better and a DNF is better than no run at all. Keep it up!!!


    AKA chris

  3. I feel your restlessness and need for a fun goal. I've felt that way since BT50K three weeks ago. It's taken a while to get the old motivation back. Maybe the Towpath Marathon this fall? I'm sure you'll find a cool goal soon. Hang in there.

  4. Our next Oil Creek group training run is probably going to be Sept 19th... why don't you drive a few hours and check out our trail & state park where the oil industry began in 1859? It never fails to lift my spirits and make me feel MUCH better. We can go slow and take in the sights / history, maybe sit by a stream for a bit and just enjoy the silence and sounds of nature.

  5. Hi Kim,

    I was wondering if you were going to be in Punxsy this year, sorry to hear you won't. If you change your mind I'll be there, lucky to break 8:00 this year, but normally run 7:45. You'll get that fire back, just go with how you feel right now.


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