Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The sense of humor returneth

I seem to have emerged from the month long fugue I have been in...

I had a "Sally Field" moment out, in all places, my garden, while picking tomatoes. I've been pretty 'eh' about the Oil Creek 100 I am signed up and destined to run in, just have had no enthusiasm about. Somehow I was both thinking about it and MMT, and the people that blithely run up and down the hills of Virginia. As the negative thought of "you're just not good enough" was fogging into my pysche, little bubbly Kimba came out of nowhere (picture the Trail Goddess in pink here) punching the black fog in the face, stating " gosh darn it, I am good enough"! So much for this "I'm not worthy" bullshit that's been dragging me down. I'll run any stupid race I want.

Speaking of races, I attempted to register for the Umstead 100 at noon today. Due to my unspeedy satellite internet connection, by the time I got to the credit card payment (six minutes people!!!!) the Umstead 2010 was full. Apparently it filled in about five minutes.

I'm okay with that. I think it was kismet. Time for the Trail Goddess to move on and find a new race to run.
So I am looking for a spring race. I now work every 4th weekend, so certain races-like Rocky and the Barkley, are out, since those are my weekends to work. McNaughton really doesn't interest me, as it seems like a giant mudfest. Any other suggestions??


  1. Suggestion: Get a new job and run Rocky:-)

    I'll be there for the 50 mile then volunteering for the 100 (I would even consider pacing you as a part of my volunteerism:-)

    What is wrong with Massanutten 100 in later spring? It has a 36 hour time limit and you are a trail running guru.

    Other idea's would include either of the Old Dominions (one is on trails and the other is not--I keep forgetting which is which).

    Happy Running!

  2. were you seriously thinking of attempting barkley? wow. wow. wow. i can't even think abt it. it seems so beyond me (esp as i have ZERO sense of direction!!!!).

    Massanutten is super technical (and I suck at technical) but amazingly beautiful -- go for it!

  3. I love the vision of a Kimba Fairy with wings flitting around like a humming bird waving her magic wand to restore order to the world. All in Pink.

    You can always sign up for the MMT training runs and just do them as runs without any intention of running the race. Lots of people do that.

    TWOT is one of my favorites. Most people only do one loop there. AWESOME place to run.

    Lots of options. Keep your eyes open and find one. A goal race make it easier to get your dailey runs in.

  4. Hi Kim,
    Sorry you didn't get in but it gives you an opportunity to try a new one. So many ultras, so little time! I did manage to get in to Umstead this year after not making it last year. I can't believe it but I'm getting excited. Good luck with finding a replacement for Umstead and I'm sure you'll do great at Oll Creek and you're right, You are good enough! You go girl!
    Donna, Your last pacer last year at your PR 100!

  5. Good for you Kim...I think you should do MMT too.

  6. Glad you punched that black fog in the face - welcome back !!

    Here is one for you, I have been plaqued with injury but am feeling better, and shooting for this one! One to come out and join me??


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