Monday, December 7, 2009

The Lottery

So I entered the Massanutten Lottery. For anyone not familiar with the “Rock Dance” this is the toughest 100 mile race in the east. Many people attempt it, and some go home with a rock and are listed as “visitors”. Others complete the race within the 36 hour limit and get the coveted buckle.

I actually signed up for this race in 2007. Then a staff member quit, and I started working lots of extra hours, and I withdrew in December, since I knew I could not get the training in.

MMT has since gone to a lottery system in 2008 due to the popularity. Registration opened December 1. It had been in my mind back and forth. I even looked at finisher’s time from a few years-oh heck no, look, my friends who are “good runners” finished in 34 hours. There’s no way my back of the pack butt could get it done.

Then Bob Combs says something to me out on the trails of URINEO. I mention that I have been thinking about it. He does say it’s a big goal but a good one to have.  So I spent the rest of the run thinking over factors. I have already planned to run Laurel Highlands as my spring race, and am planning a vigorous weight loss and training  program (in fact started today on that).

There were two factors that led to my decision to enter the lottery. The first was two different people’s reaction to my stating I was thinking of entering the lottery. It was their look of astonishment that kind of gave me the “ yes I can do this” motivational feeling.

The second factor was my fellow runner friend Sherry Meador. I first met Sherry at Mohican a few years ago (she did not finish.) She had also DNF’d  MMT that year. In fact, Sherry enters alot of 100 mile races and DNF’s them. Yet she keeps going. She has some health issues, like asthma and allergic reactions, and some bad luck! (She got stung by a scorpion at Rocky one year.)

Yet I saw Sherry’s name on the MMT lottery list. By golly, if Sherry can keep coming back for more, I can surely have the guts to just put my name on list, and see how the luck plays out.

So my random number is 069. If I get in, I’m determined to lose 30 pounds,train like David Goggins, and finish the race!!!!!!!


  1. Kim I was so excited to see your name on the list. Go for it girl.

    By the way, your header pic is great.

  2. Kim, Caren is right...your header pic rocks!

    Lisa Fine

  3. Thanks for the header pic comments, I really love this pic too, Chris took!

  4. Kim,

    You have to think you can, before you can. You believe and so do I. I KNOW you can finish it! Get on that wait list!

    -- Adam


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