Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vitamin D Run

I finally got my butt out the door and went to Salt Fork for a run.

Knowing it would be chilly, I decided to bring my new Christmas Snuggie with me on the run. Hey! They take them to football games,I figured a trail run would work!

Well, I decided to leave my Snuggie on the tree branch to retrieve later. Bad idea. Scroll down to end of the post for the sad results...

A gorgeous day to be on the trails! I counted 14 deer in the first mile of the run, and 28 overall! Not bad for 8'ish miles!

Not a bad run for December in Ohio!

As I came back toward my vehicle, I cam across this low spot, which I thought was due to the rains yesterday.

It appears Mssr. Beaver have been busy at work in this sector:

Well, I got back to where I had left my Snuggie. It's missing! I did see a pile of deer poop under the tree. So, either the deer stole my Snuggie or some human did!!

What kind of person steals a Snuggie? I bet karma determines it won't keep you warm!!

Okay, just to let you know it did not kill off my sense of humor to have my Snuggie stolen, I had to post this latest bit of tree graffiti:

I saw this and immediatley thought of Mikey and our training runs at Mohican and the road training run..and the road graffiti there.


  1. I doubt very much at this time of year that your run will have produced any measurable amounts of vitamin D3.
    Here is a calculator that will enable you to check how long is required for just 1000iu.
    Calculator for 1000iu of Vitamin D3 from sun exposure
    then be aware the very latest research shows Calcidiol is only able to act as an active hormone when the concentration is above 60ng/ml. During the summer, full body sun exposure produces 10,000~20,000iu daily vitamin D3.
    A minimum of 6400iu/daily is required at latitude 32 to enable breast milk to flow replete with vitamin D3.
    We evolved living naked outdoors and only if you did your running in your birthday suit could you possibly make sufficient D3.

    Even then running will make you sweat and as vitamin d is fat soluble it will dissolve in the sweat and be brought to the surface of your skin and will no doubt be washed off in the shower.
    Laying down for 20~30 minutes at midday would probably be better but at this time of the year it's doubtful you will make sufficient in Ohio. The erythmal index must be above 3 for there to be sufficient heat.
    If you think I may be wrong get a
    Grassrootshealth D Action 25(OH)D3 test and don't be satisfied until you levels are above 60ng/ml. Only at that level do we have sufficient calcidiol to act as a hormone as it should.

  2. I like the fact that the balls are "hairy" with the scratches carved in. Very nice and thanks for the shout out!

  3. Kim,
    You are an amazing blogger to draw such diverse comments from one post. One focuses on your inappropriate use of VitD while another focuses on your token phallic symbol. I'm still hung up on you running in a Snuggie!...and then someone stole it!
    ONLY a West Virginian living in OH could pull such a feat.

  4. One focuses on your inappropriate use of VitD I don't want to be a bore but many runners think because they spend lots of time running in the sunshine they must automatically have high vitamin d status and strong bones.

    It ain't necessarily so.

    It's important everyone is aware the vitamin D producing UVB rays don't penetrate glass but UVA light through windows, windscreens actually degrades vitamin D3 by processing it on into suprasterols the body doesn't use.

    Foods like high fructose corn syrup also induce vitamin D deficiency and the high inflammatory nature of industrially made vegetable oils creates extra demands on our anti inflammatory resources.

    We all have lower levels of 25(OH)D than 50yrs ago

    It's worth getting checked as low vitamin D status is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and MS as well as infertility and depression.


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