Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day One of the Weekend

It's day one of my four day weekend. I slept in this morning. We took the dogs out for their walk. It was pretty difficult, since all previous broken paths in the snow were covered up again. We've got about two feet of snow on the estate.

After some house cleaning and lunch, I went out for another "round the block" run. I've been using this route because it is a very lightly trafficked road-I encountered two trucks in my 1.5 hour run!

Although it's hilly, it's almost trail running for me-I'm out in the country, no cars, no people, pretty scenes.

The road was packed down snow. The township snow plow had thrown cinders down. The uphills were tough walks-the snow was slick. I kept looking for patches of dirt either in the middle of the road, or at the very side of the road to get traction on.

It was a bit colder this day too, with a light wind blowing. Every time I would top a ridge, I would get the "treat" of a blast of wind. Actually, the only part of me that was getting cold was my upper arms.

Another shot of the tractor. I can't wait to take a pic of it with some green grass around it.

Around mile 4, I picked up my "pack". These dogs live at this farm. They're pretty friendly, although I felt a bit mobbed when two more joined these two. They barked, and followed, but fell off pretty quickly as I ran downhill. It makes the run much more easy when the dogs are friendly!

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  1. Looks great. Even better than around here since it's nice and quiet where you were. Still, you can't beat running out on compact snow streets. Good times!

  2. Great photos, they remind me of why I moved from MI to NC.
    Oh, by the way, nice shirt. Maybe someday I will be able to wear one of those too.


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