Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Landslide Run

I got out of bed and changed into my outside running wasn't quite so hard to do, and I then went immediately outside. The temp was around 22, but it wasn't windy, so I started down the road.

This was a "destination run" as I wanted to snap some pics of the landslide and see if the road crew had put up a better road closure.

As you can see...nope..

I never run on this road, as it is a main corridor over to the highway, it's heavily trafficked, although it's just a county road. It was mainly deserted today though.

It still looks like I can drive on this one side yet. My alternate route is going to be the "country road" that I usually run on, which I have been likening to a "trail" (which is fine when you are running; ice, mud, gravel, creek bed like conditions as a road-not when you are driving-and trying to get somewhere!)

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