Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Long Run

After a long week of working second shift (11am-9pm) AND getting runs in, I was pysched for the weekend long run.

Since my husband was out of town, I eschewed the infinitely more inviting trail run (could be days before someone finds me at the bottom of a ravine) for a more traditional road run. My long run routes are typically done on back roads, so as long as I am in the mood, it's not so bad.

The first dandelion seen of spring!

I seeded water and aid at several spots. I knew the day would be warm, and I didn't want to come up short. Knowing I had water in various locations let me have the luxury of drinking all I wanted to.

This old abandoned house is on a country back road. It looks normal to the eye as you run by..

But if you turned your head a bit, or looked back, you would notice something:

Like the entire back of the house missing! Why is this? It looks like a surgical removal. I posted the pics on FB, one comment was maybe it was moved here.

But as the pictures show, it looks like the original foundation. In fact, there is water in the hole that is left.

Maybe the spring underneath undermined this section of the house?

Well, anyways, I found it interesting to see these old abandoned houses and barns, and sometimes just old foundations. In fact, in the early spring, I love to look for daffodils sprouting out in the woods. This usually means there was a house somewhere nearby, as daffodils aren't native. I'm thinking of doing some 'daffodil scavenging' this week. I would like to dig up some bulbs in these quiet, empty woods, and replant a little daffodil tribute to the original owners. I like the idea of remembering some old farmwife long gone, that I am still enjoying her flowers planted long ago.

Oh yeah, back to the run. I refueled well. I had a Boost at the church where I had stashed water, around mile 5-6. Then I had more water and candy bars stashed about mile 9 (which I then ran back by, a loop, around mile 15.)
Energy levels felt good most of the run. I glanced at my Garmin at mile 19. Oh yuck, I would have to count the 1/2 mile uphill as part as my run to get the 20 miles in. (I was hoping to hit 20 miles in the valley and then simply enjoy the uphill climb as my "cool down"). So I trudge up the hill (making it a 17.18 mile!!!!) and find, to my dismay, at the top of my property.. at mile 19.82.

Crap! I wanted a 20 mile run in! So I headed into our big pasture, and ran across it, and then back to the road. Ok.. 19.93, good now just down hill to the gate! 20 miles it is!

I did the ice bath. It was much easier in the warm temperatures. I find as long as I keep my toes out of the water, it's much easier. Drinking a beer and perusing Ultrarunning Magazine, so you remember why you are doing this, helps tremendously!

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  1. Nice run Kimba! The big question.. What kind of beer were you drinking afterwards?


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