Thursday, April 29, 2010

Salt Fork Run

Spring is in the air!!! Every thing is in bloom here. I was glad I had taken an antihistamine before the run. The pollen was so heavy, however, that my eyes were itching and I was sneezing in the last mile.
My latest Garmin Forerunner has bitten the dust. I must be hard on them. The unit said "fully charged" this morning. When I attempted to turn it on..nothing.

I scrounged in the car and found my cheapo watch, and actually located the stopwatch function. So I clicked it on, and off I went!

I decided to stay on the Purple Bridle Trail, for no real reason...then it occurred to me that I could actually track my miles, since they have these posted about every mile..

It was a good run. Beautiful day out there. Just me and the park. And the deer. There are five in the picture below...

I got back to the vehicle, and clicked stop on the watch. 3 hours. Around 13 miles. Hmmm. That's a pretty good trail pace. (I think the mile markers aren't so accurate for this...) but 13 miles in 3 hours makes me feel pretty good!!!

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  1. Cool pics and great update on the page. Keep it up!
    -- Adam


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